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Yesterday morning, Li Tie, who has just become China's men's football coach, was interviewed by various media at the inauguration meeting in Beijing. Having been longing for the national football position, he is clearly prepared for his public appearance in front of the national media, revealing that his contract only ends on June 9 this year's World Cup qualifier Top 40:\" Even if only one day [national football manager] contract, I do not hesitate to accept.\"


\"It took me 35 years from being a kid who couldn't play football to being a national coach, and my dream came true. I can now proudly say to my children that I have fulfilled an important dream in life. First of all, thanks to my two teachers Zhang Yin, Zhu Guanghu, they are my life model, without you, no Li Tie today, especially thanks to the trust of the Chinese Football Association. It is a supreme honor, a great responsibility. I and my team, do their best to do a good job, strive for the shortest time to build a good team, good style. Hope to get more care and support, I will try.


\"Pressure is the driving force,\" said Li, inevitably responding to questions about\" pressure,\" and \"I think there is strength in the current national team forwards or players in other positions to be able to do my tactical work. I'm excited when I have the opportunity to compete for a national coach, it's a dream and nothing else matters. My contract with the Chinese Football Association until June 9,2020, if the top 12 teams advance, our contract will be extended automatically. Even if my contract is signed one day, I will go all out and accept it without hesitation.


Li then referred to international selection criteria, including the topic of naturalization players. \"The most important thing for the team is discipline first,\" he said. For all players, the national team door will be open. As long as they do well in the league and training, they have a chance to be in the national team. Li Tie also mentioned Wu Lei, he said:\" Wu Lei needless to say, at this stage, his personal performance is very good. The game we watched,[ into Barcelona] the goal to win glory for Chinese football. So I'm going to choose a player, depending on his performance, not what type of player he is, whether he's a naturalized player or not.\"


While talking about personal goals, Li also mentioned the topic of improving the psychological resilience of the future Chinese football team. \"For me, it's important to find players who can withstand the pressure,\" he said. Some players are good in all aspects of the data, but cannot withstand the pressure, that certainly cannot be selected. As for improving the psychological quality and stress resistance of the players, we will take many ways, such as incorporating some anti-interference training content in the training. For the pressure on the pitch, we can do psychological guidance work, through coaches, associations to do. We'd like to hire some psychologists for each session to help the team. The club pressure is not the same as the national team, so that's why I'm looking for players who can withstand the national team.'


\"I hope to be able to play normally in the competition, so we should first of all be willing to play for the country, selfless spirit, willing to give everything for the country,\" Li said.


As a football player who has fought for the World Cup, Li has a wonderful memory of representing his country in the 2002 World Cup and the World Cup, saying:\" The first good time in my football career will always be on the night of October 7,2001. This is the dream of many generations of Chinese football in our hometown of Shenyang. I'm lucky to be able to play in all three games of the 2002 World Cup in China. This experience has benefited me for life. So for the next generation of Chinese football, all the effort is to want to go into the World Cup again with the Chinese men's team.


For the goal of teaching, Li said he must not aim too high, he said:\" Let's start with this goal. I'm a guy who wants to keep challenging, but I'm going to do my job, I'm going to play four games in the top 40 and think about the next goal.


To the earth foreign coach ability contrast topic, Li Tie refused to answer. \"I don't want to discuss the difference,\" he said. We don't have to discuss the question of success or failure. As far as my personal advantage is concerned, I think I know the best about these players. I have been doing all kinds of information accumulation since 2012 when I was at Evergrande. I know the best players in the country very well, and no one in China probably knows better than me, which is my advantage.


At around 5:35 p.m. on January 5, as new manager Li Tie arrived at the Grand Royal View Hotel in Guangzhou, where all the members of the new national football session were gathered, the team also conducted the first training session at the resident hotel gym.


On the morning of the 5th, Li attended a meeting of the Chinese Football Association in Beijing for the inauguration of the new head of the National Football Association. The meeting began at 10 a.m. and ended in a hurry after just 17 minutes. That's because he and fellow international mr zhang are heading to guangzhou on a flight that leaves at 12:30.


It is reported that to Li Tie, Zhang Xianzhe arrived at the current national football training site, has been around 5:35 p.m. It is worth noting that the two of them are also the last members of the team to report. From the first to the team of Yang Fan, most of the players arrived at Evergrande Royal Hotel before the 3:30 p.m. deadline on the 5th.


According to Li Tie's plan, the whole team will fight every second in the course of the preparations. As he arrived at the site, members of the team went to the hotel gym for the first training session.