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2020-01-05 22:15  www.lianbaiwei.cn


In recent years, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China have increased rapidly, and at the same time, it has brought new problems in the recovery of automobile power batteries. It is reported that at present, the new energy vehicle power battery in China has entered the period of large-scale retirement, and by 2020, the accumulative total of retired battery is about 25 kwh. In the face of such a large number, how to do a good job of new energy car battery recovery, replacement and other work, become a reality test.


In the environment of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, it is urgent to answer this question. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have become the industry development trend because of their advantages of saving fuel energy and reducing exhaust emissions. If the problem of battery recycling cannot be effectively solved, it may not only cause serious waste of resources and environmental pollution, but also have a negative impact on the healthy development of new energy automobile industry. For this reason, from the launch of the new energy vehicle national monitoring and power battery recycling traceability integrated management platform, to explore the establishment of battery recycling system in the pilot provinces, to the establishment of auto recycling industry standards, more technology research and development efforts, the government and enterprises plan ahead, is to make retired batteries can be better recycling and utilization.


Battery recovery, the difficulty is not \"want \", but\" how to do \". Only from the recycling link, how to balance the interests of car owners, car companies is not a small problem. From the owner's point of view, a battery change often tens of thousands, second-hand car replacement cannot sell the price, whether to keep a car for battery, or \"stop loss\" for new car, so that many car owners into a dilemma, but also reduce the willingness to actively participate in recycling. From the point of view of car enterprises, according to regulations, car production enterprises are the main body of battery recovery, with supervision responsibility, but whether the battery can be recovered, the initiative is not in their own hands. Of course recycling battery is only the first step, further to see how to achieve effective ladder utilization? How to avoid environmental pollution caused by scrapping? Only by solving these problems can we avoid the possible risks and maximize the efficiency of resource use.


Many useful attempts have been made from central to local to these difficulties. In 2018, the \"new energy vehicle battery recycling pilot implementation program\" proposed that by 2020, we should establish and improve the power battery recycling system, build a number of retired power battery high-efficiency recycling, high-value utilization of advanced demonstration projects, research and propose policies and measures to promote power battery recycling. The general direction of the policy has long been clear, how to do specific, need to adapt to local conditions, explore innovation. In the short term, it is necessary to make efforts to clarify the main body recovery responsibility through the policy supply to ensure that the battery recovery is in place accurately. In the long run, we need to play the main role of the market, in the sales, recycling, reuse, technology research and development of the whole industry chain to make the battery recycling system more perfect, more strict supervision, so that the market has vitality, car owners have motivation.