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One \"small goal \", eight task lists, three safeguards... A few days ago, the State Office issued the Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Standardization of the Openness of Government Affairs at the Grass-roots Level, which speeded up and deepened the \"last kilometer\" of government affairs.


This special document focuses on the practical problems in many areas of government affairs disclosure at the grass-roots level, and gradually changes from supervision orientation to service orientation. A number of requirements directly point to the pain point in the work, and more operable.


By 2023, a nationwide unified system of standards for the disclosure of government affairs at the grass-roots level will be basically established; by 2021, the department under the State Council will compile guidelines for standards for the disclosure of government affairs at the grass-roots level in relevant fields; and by 2020, a catalogue of standards for matters concerning the disclosure of government affairs at the corresponding level will be compiled by the grassroots government.


This time, the \"guidance on comprehensively promoting the standardization of grass-roots government affairs openness \"(hereinafter referred to as\" opinions \") to clarify the \"timetable\" for grass-roots government affairs openness. Whether it's a standard guide or a standard directory, answer questions such as what to expose and how to disclose. In this regard, the Opinion sets out the bottom line requirements in a number of enumeration methods, such as specifying that the standard catalogue includes at least elements such as the content, basis and time limit of the disclosure.


At the same time, standardization is not equal to one-size-fits-all. In particular, the Opinions put forward that the compilation of the catalogue should be tailored to local conditions and be realistic, reflect regional and field characteristics, and avoid one-size-fits-all approach to public matters and standards.


“This pragmatic requirement reflects the most critical demand-oriented principle of grass-roots openness." Lu yanbin, director and researcher of the law research office of the institute of law of the chinese academy of social sciences, believes that publicizing the market subject and the people's actual needs, rather than ignoring the actual situation, can make the grass-roots government affairs public have more practical effect.


The goal of the work is clear, and the object of implementation should be clear. The \"Opinions\" defines the scope of the \"grass-roots government \", including counties, cities not divided into districts, people's governments of municipal districts, township people's governments and sub-district offices. It also requires that the openness of government affairs and the openness of the village (residence) affairs are effectively linked up, and the public content of the same matter is consistent.


According to reports, a large number of grass-roots government, its public work effect is directly related to the sense of acquisition of enterprises and the masses. Many grass-roots government workers have been issued a strong demand for operable documents, hoping to \"follow the prescription\" in the work.


The introduction of the 《 Opinion was timely and well-planned. From May 2017 to September 2018, the State Office deployed 100 counties (cities and districts) in 15 provinces (districts, cities) including Beijing, Jiangsu and Anhui, and carried out pilot work around 26 areas involving the vital interests of the masses and high social concern. After the completion of the pilot, the State Office carried out a review of the acceptance and many rounds of discussion, before the formation of open government standards and norms, to the country.


In recent years, the understanding of \"strengthening the role of the first platform of government portal information disclosure\" has gradually popularized and landed. On this basis, the \"opinion\" for the first time to clarify the \"county government portal as the first platform for open government\" requirements.


What are the tasks of this first platform? The \"Opinions\" put forward two items, which should include \"centralized publication of government information that should be made public by the government at the corresponding level, departments and townships (streets) on their own initiative \", and\" opening of a unified interactive exchange portal and an online service entry \". Through this intensive way of publishing, to ensure the authority of information disclosure, to promote the standardization of the open platform.


In addition, the two-sided requirements of the Opinion deserve attention. On the one hand, we should actively use the advantages and channels of the county-level media center to expand the government information dissemination and influence; on the other hand, the government service hall, convenient service center and other places to provide services such as consultation and reply. It can be seen that information dissemination requires all kinds of media to play their advantages together, but also to choose the most appropriate means according to the actual situation.


“《's views on these requirements for the open government platform can avoid the long disclosure of information and put an end to formalism." Lu Yanbin said that for the various policy documents issued from the central to the local level, some people are accustomed to reading newspapers and some rely on mobile phones to receive information; the same open way may be very practical for remote areas, but it is not enough to "quench thirst" for relatively developed areas, and the promotion of standardization is also to serve the masses better.


The 《 opinion clearly calls for standardizing the work flow of open government affairs and promoting the standardization of open service. There are a number of new proposals, such as exploring the inclusion of government affairs disclosure standards catalogue, standards and norms into the department business system, which helps to accelerate information sharing between departments; for example, to "do a good job" for enterprises and the masses as the standard, to integrate, optimize, simplify and compile the service information, which comes from innovative practices in the pilot area.


In order to accomplish these tasks better, the \"Opinions\" calls for the establishment and improvement of the coordination and linkage mechanism between the competent departments in charge of the work of publicizing government affairs at the grass-roots level and the units in charge of propaganda, network information, government affairs services, big data management and media integration centers, so as to form a joint effort to promote the standardization of government affairs disclosure.


Public participation is an important link in decision-making openness and an important bridge between the government and the public. How to further enhance the people's recognition and support of government work?


《 Opinions require that the public participation mechanism for decision-making at the grass-roots level be improved. Among them, public policy measures and public construction projects should adopt various ways such as forum, hearing, field visit, public consultation, questionnaire, public opinion survey and so on. All of these are helpful to promote more transparent, refined and scientific government decision-making.


In fact, promoting the orderly participation of the public in administrative decision-making has always been an important part of open government affairs. However, in the process of administrative decision-making of grass-roots government, the scope of matters of public participation, participation procedures and other provisions and practices are not consistent, so it is difficult to make rigid provisions, so it is necessary to continue to explore the effectiveness of the public participation system. The \"Interim Regulations on Major Administrative Decision-making Procedures \", which came into effect in September last year, made detailed provisions to enhance the effectiveness of public participation, and the introduction of the\" Opinion \"again released a signal to speed up exploration and implementation.


In addition, the Opinion provides specific requirements for a sound interpretation of the response mechanism, including the use of concise questions and answers, graphic illustrations, case descriptions and other means of interpretation of important policies.


The head of the drafting department of the 《 Opinion pointed out that it is a gradual process to promote the standardization of government affairs openness, and that the grass-roots government is the "last kilometer" for the Party Central Committee and the State Council to carry out their decision-making arrangements. I believe that the grass-roots government will be more open gold content, service will be more colorful.

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