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2020-01-07 13:35  www.lianbaiwei.cn


The attack not only killed at least eight people, including Islamic Revolutionary Guard's Al-Quds Brigade commander Kasim Suleimani, but also provoked the ire of large numbers of people, including Iran and Iraq.


▲ On January 3, local time, in Tehran, Iran, people took part in a protest against the bombing of Qasim Suleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran's Al-Quds Brigade. (Photo by Xinhua's Ahmed Harabisas)


Yang said China is highly concerned about the current situation in the Middle East. China has always stood for resolving differences through dialogue and consultation and opposes the use of force in international relations.


“We hope that the parties concerned, and the United States in particular, will exercise restraint and return to the track of finding a solution through dialogue as soon as possible, so as to reduce the tension." He stressed.


On January 4 alone, Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke to foreign ministers from three countries on the situation in the Middle East.


The second phone call came from French Foreign Minister Le De Lyon, who also described France's views on the current situation in the Middle East and hoped to have close communication with China and play an active role in preventing the escalation of regional tensions.


That evening, Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov telephone, said that the two sides should strengthen strategic communication, jointly uphold international law and international fairness and justice, to properly respond to the current situation in the Middle East play a responsible role.


“The words" important role "," positive role "and" responsible role ", which have similar meanings and have their own emphasis, highlight the international community's expectations of China and its own responsibility.


The Russian and Chinese foreign ministers reiterated their opposition to the use of force in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, and all countries must respect their national sovereignty and territorial integrity, Tass said on Thursday, citing a news release from the Russian Foreign Ministry.


The Foreign Ministry also said:\" The Foreign Minister of Russia and China pointed out that the illegal actions of the United States have seriously increased regional tension. In this context, Russia and China intend to ease tensions and will take joint steps to create conditions for a proper response to the conflict.\"


Radio france international pointed out that wang yi 4 with the russian and french foreign minister telephone, french foreign minister also with china, german and german foreign ministers to discuss the situation in the middle east, the three foreign ministers agreed that it is necessary to avoid escalation of tension.


According to the press release, mr wang's phone call with mr lavrov was \"special \"- the other three calls were\" promised \", while mr lavrov's phone calls were not \"promised \".


Professor Ding Long, director of the Gulf Research Center of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade, told Xiao Rui that China and Russia, as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, have very important political, economic and security interests in the Gulf, so it is fully necessary to maintain close communication, while the two sides are not \"as promised\" calls, indicating that there is a communication mechanism between China and Russia on international affairs security matters, which does not require special emphasis.


The xinhua news agency's draft apparently agreed: in a call with french foreign minister le dreyon, wang yi said \"china and france stand close \", while lavrov stressed in the phone that\" russia and china stand exactly the same \".


In addition to calling Yang Jiechi on Wednesday, Pompeo spoke with British Foreign Minister and Chief Minister Dominique Rabb and German Foreign Minister Marstone. French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Putin the same day to discuss the situation in Iraq.


“The practice of the United States has actually been opposed worldwide." "The U. S. is determined to make the Gulf peace that the international community has worked so hard to bring to nothing that no one wants to see," Mr. Ding said.


People attend a rally to condemn U.S. President Donald Trump's order to kill senior Iranian general Kasim Suleimani in San Francisco on January 4, local time. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency, Li Jianguo)


Lu jin, an expert on iran at the western asia-africa institute of the chinese academy of social sciences, also pointed out that the u.s. phoned countries after the air strikes to explain, more like a \"crisis public relations\" to defend themselves, but this is only the u.s. side of the story.


Other countries or international organizations are busy \"extinguishing the fire\" compared to the United States, which is busy explaining. The European Union has issued a statement on Friday inviting Zarif to the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss the situation in the Middle East and matters related to the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. Earlier, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that \"the world cannot afford another war in the Gulf,\" urging leaders to\" maintain maximum restraint.\"


\"China has friendly relations with other countries in the Middle East, has established strategic partnership with important countries in the region, and the Middle East countries also expect China to play a greater role in the Middle East, which are all favorable conditions for China to play a constructive role,\" she said.


At a regular press conference at the Foreign Ministry today (January 6), Geng Shuang again called on all parties concerned to exercise restraint, avoid a rotational escalation of events, and return to the track of dialogue and consultation as soon as possible to push for a cooling of tensions.